Automatic administration
for your data

DataChief is a browser based editor for data stored in your database.
Think of Excel for your database.

Understands your data

DataChief understands relations between your data and displays what you need to see.

Datachief uses a lot of background magic and heuristics in order to show names and descriptors from linked tables, therefore you don’t need to write long queries.

Collaborate with
your team

DataChief can replace 90% of all administration systems. We give you full access to the whole database, then you can manage access rights to all tables and view. Invite your coworkers and your’re done.

Your coworkers don’t need to know SQL. You give them access only to data they need and understand.

Zero setup time

Setting up DataChief only takes a few minutes. Simply create a public connection string visible from the Internet and you are ready. We support MSSQL, MariaDB, Google Data Store. More database systems are coming.

Databaze, simplified

The current obsolete workflow. Can we speed up this process?
Yes we can! Edit the data right away. Don't wait for developers.